Wa'akaulua is the Hawaiian word for double canoe. It is pronounced wah-ah-kow-loo-uh.

Hawaiian Canoes

There are two types of indigenous Hawaiian vessels

Captain Kiko built his 28-foot double hull sailing canoe from two outrigger canoes. He added wooden 'iako (crossbeams) and planks to form the pola (platform) between the two canoe hulls. He then lashed all these parts together using traditional Hawaiian methods. He also added a mast and sail to the platform.

Ten people can sit comfortably in the canoe hulls and paddle the canoe. Several more people can sit on the platform. Read the entire story of Captain Kiko's wa'akaulua.

Kiko teaches the art of Hawaiian boatbuilding to those interested in learning. Over the years many people have stopped by his halau wa'a (canoe shed) for his expert instruction and hands-on experience in building boats and lashing canoes.

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