Wa'akaulua is the Hawaiian word for double canoe. It is pronounced wah-ah-kow-loo-uh.
"Captain Kiko is a serious yacht master, equally skilled in nautical construction as in sailing.  He knows every river and cove on the island, and he delights in showing off secluded haunts that a visitor would never discover on their own.  You’ll learn more about Hawaii in the course of a couple of hours casual conversation than you would ever find in even the best tourist guide books." read more

smiling travelers on Captain Kiko's double canoe

Paddling on the catamaran made from two traditional Hawaiian canoes.

Hawaiian Canoe Sailing Tours

Sail a traditional Hawaiian canoe on Hilo Bay in the moonlight, experience the pristine beaches and rugged cliffs on the Kona coast, hike along the shore on a path in the lava where the Hawaiians have walked for centuries, explore steam vents and black sand beaches.

Wa'akaulua is the Hawaiian word for double hull canoe.  Captain Kiko is a sailor and experienced boat builder specializing in traditional Hawaiian canoes made by hand.  He has spent his entire life on the Big Island of Hawaii and can show you many off-the-beaten-path places on this island.  On his tours he will teach you about the history, geology and customs of this land and the sea surrounding it.  He will teach you to paddle a traditional Hawaiian canoe.  He might even teach you a few Hawaiian words and songs.

Come experience Hawaii with Captain Kiko.  It will be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation.

All trips run from the mouth of the Wailoa River in Hilo, Hawaii.

Call Captain Kiko at (808) 895-3743.

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