Wa'akaulua is the Hawaiian word for double canoe. It is pronounced wah-ah-kow-loo-uh.
hiking along the shore

group hikes along the shore back from the New Beach

Customer Comments

From Christel, Monique and Maike from Holland:

"A big thanks to Captain Kiko for a wonderful experience. We three Dutch ladies started the trip at 04:00 a.m. being carried to the boat by the Captain himself!"

"Very quiet and peaceful, underneath a beautiful clear sky packed with stars, we started sailing towards the end of the bay in the direction of the open sea. When the sunrise appeared the sky was red as well as the Mauna Kea. This was a beautiful sight."

"The experience of beautiful nature together with the hospitality of Captain Kiko made this event an unforgettable trip."

Aloha from Holland -- Christel, Monique and Maike

Canoe Sailing with Kiko

From Hanne Moeller -- "We met in Punalu’u in the district of Ka’u on the Southeast coast of the Big Island, Hawaii. I was excited to go out with captain Kiko in his double hulled sailing canoe, which he rebuilt from two 1953 single outrigger paddling surfing canoes in the traditional Polynesian style. The 1953 canoes were molded from a 1926 dugout canoe carved at Honaunau, south Kona... " read more

An afternoon on the water with Captain Kiko

From Don Lewis -- "A Hawaiian sailing canoe is not at all like a narrow, river canoe with a handkerchief sail that threatens to fling you and your belongings into the water with malicious glee. It is more like a catamaran with two substantial hulls joined by a solid deck. Passengers sit comfortably in the hulls. It is very stable..." read more

Trip to Hawaii

From Kevin O'Neill -- "I went on a trip to Hawai'i earlier this month, and went for a nice sail with Kiko Johnston-Kitazawa on his traditional Hawaiian double canoe. We had seven people on the boat for our trip. " read more